Upcoming Shows


Upended Hotel

Winter 2019

Three authors. Three directors. Three one-act plays. Three different hotel rooms. 

We asked the question: What do you imagine might be happening behind the closed doors of a Chicago hotel room? Three highly-inventive experimental playwrights gave us some really exciting answers. Join our mailing list for show information and special offers.


The Wonderland Project

In 2014, Upended Productions received critical acclaim with our first show, Alice. We knew that Alice would thrill audiences and critics, but we didn't realize what an amazing vehicle it would be in terms of community engagement and local shopping district revitalization. 

Having produced Alice twice in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago with tremendous success, we are looking for opportunities to take this experience to new locations, engage local artists, drive audiences into new neighborhoods, and help people see old venues with new eyes.



Fall 2018

An ensemble of 5 actors performs a series of 5-minute fables in various locations in the Chicagoland area. Written and directed by some of Chicago's favorite theater, dance, and performance artists. Join our mailing list for all the inside scoop, including special offers.