Upended Productions’ Alice – The reviews are in!!

Stage and Cinema Raves!

“Throughout the whimsical and comic episodes, there are consistent reminders of the subjective nature of reality, a medicine that goes down easily, delivered as it is with a bit of sugar—not pepper—and a wry touch. Attend Alice with an open spirit and light heart, or arrive as a grump and a cynic and leave with a smile and a less-heavy step nonetheless.”                    -Erika Mikkalo                                                    

Recommended by New City!

“Other standout vignettes include the most interactive portions, like the tea party and croquet game led by the ShowParty! collective. A headier but equally captivating highlight is the eleventh chapter from Sid Branca & Amanda Fink, staged in a pet supply shop, wherein the trial over the tarts becomes a sort of nonsensical polemic attack on meaning and ownership while revealing much truth through almost aggressive wordplay.”                                                              - Raymond Rehayem                                                                               

Recommended by Chicago Theatre Review! 

“But Alice is more than its ambulatory conceit—it also features witty and imaginative writing that gets to the emotional core of the original. Chad the Bird’s meditations on humans and animals seemed both apt and fitting for a story that is filled with many anthropomorphic animals. A final scene towards the end of the play poses a choice between dreams and the reality that inspires them. Alice is ultimately a fun production that is at times unfaithful to the letter of the original, but fully faithful to its spirit. It invites you to stroll through its Wonderland, but urges you to eventually wake up, refreshed, from the dream.
                                                                                            - Ivy Perez

And perhaps most importantly...

10-year-old theater critic Ada Grey of Ada Grey Reviews for You had a blast!

“People who would like this show are people who like bunnies, insanity, and lollipops. I think should definitely see this show. It is so funny, and I had so much fun, and I think you should bring all your best friends to it because they will have a lot of fun. It is basically like you get to go on the experience of going to Wonderland with your friend.”                               -Ada Grey


Recommended by The Trib, The Sun-Times, The Reader, Newcity Stage and more, here’s what some of the critics had to say about 2004’s Alice.

“Turning the novel into multidisciplinary performance, the Neo-Futurists and a bevy of invited visual and performing artists steer clear of the academic minefield and instead follow Carroll's lead into surreal, aimless illogic.” 

“Alice is that rare environmental performance that takes its subject seriously yet embraces a self-deprecating sense of humor.”

-  Justin Hayford, The Chicago Reader, September 23, 2004

“Throughout, the production displays impeccable logistic skill and a striking sense of space; in the best environmental theatre tradition, it renews the audience’s sense of wonder at their surroundings.”  
                                                                   -  John Beer, Newcity Stage, September 23, 2004

“Noelle Krimm's engaging and inventive ambulatory new adaptation of Lewis Carroll's beloved classic, which she conceived and curated, is as much a homage to the Neo-Futurists' Andersonville neighborhood as it is a tribute to Carroll's enduring brand of decidedly malevolent whimsy.”

-  Kerry Reid, The Chicago Tribune, September 22, 2004