Get to Know the Faces of Alice: John Byrnes


In anticipation of our opening weekend, we wanted to introduce the folks who are putting together Alice with a short n' sweet interview. John Byrnes is out first feature, and will be performing as a White Rabbit during select shows. 

-Would you rather grow as large as a house or shrink to the size of a mouse? 

Definitely a mouse. Vast spaces tend to promulgate tyranny. (I read that somewhere.) Mostly, I just never grew out of the pleasure brought by crawling through small spaces.

-What are you most looking forward to in this production of Alice?

Ummm...This will probably be the closest I will come to playing 007, so there's that. I also very much enjoy unexpected adventures. While this will not be entirely unexpected, I suspect the real adventure will reveal itself differently with each performance. Not to mention, Noey is, like, smart n' stuff.

-What character from Alice in Wonderland do you most identify with? 

This is a hard one. I think everyone can identify with Alice. I will say this...I prefer dogs to cats, but I also love Cheshire slivers of moon.

-Where is your Wonderland?

Well, I grew up not far from a dog racing track called Wonderland, but that's rather disgusting. I would say my hometown, Marshfield, MA. It is quite magical. It is where seals stop by twice a year to bask in the sun. It is where dolphins take a respite from relentless maelstroms. It is the home of the first trans-Atlantic radio broadcast. (They played "Oh, Holy Night", one of my favorite holiday songs.) It is a place haunted by sailors and Pilgrims (Yes, those very Pilgrims.) It is a place where the mist rolls in at dawn and dusk. It is the only place I know that could drape a Hardy or Melville novel and still earn the nickname, Marshvegas. (That makes more sense if you pronounce it like a Bostonian.)


Tickets for Alice are on sale now, visit for more info!