Get to Know the Faces of Alice: Corrbette Pasko


In anticipation of our opening weekend, we wanted to introduce the folks who are putting together Alice with a short n' sweet interview. Today we're featuring Corbette Pasko! You can find her work at and on social media @corrbette.

Would you rather grow as large as a house or shrink to the size of a mouse?

As much as I've struggled not being able to reach things (T-Rex arms and a short frame), I still think I'd prefer mouse size. I imagine house size as very lonely, as the only things that big are inanimate objects who can't talk to you. I do that enough already, apologizing to chairs for bumping into them, etc.

What are you most looking forward to in this production of Alice?

This will be my third time on this show, and I've seen it differently every time, and with every tour. I was an atmosphere performer (a "Bill") the first time, and a rabbit a couple of years ago. This time. I'm a rabbit and I contributed one of the location pieces for The Factory Theater with Sara Sevigny. Brian explosion! I've seen so many cool performers and art and wow! Plus, it's in Evanston this time - I might get lost. Showing the actors in the Factory piece what this show can be is so exciting, and I can't wait for them to experience it for themselves.

What character from Alice in Wonderland do you most identify with? 

The white rabbit. I swearddagod I'm late to be in the next room right now.

Where is your Wonderland? 

If I can make a space out of someone's laugh, then it's my daughter's. If that creates too many weird issues with hygiene, and that's totally legit, then it's in the space where she cries, "FAMILY HUG!" and the three of us huddle as she puts her cheek on my cheek to make sure I'm there. Was it an easy shot to go right to the "my kid is my whole heart" thing? Yes. Is it undeniably true? YES. I used to think making other people laugh was my happy place, and it still is. But...come on. I have a kid. Named Gilda. You think I'm NOT gonna answer with her? What am I, a monster?

Tickets for Alice are on sale now, visit for more info!