Get to Know the Faces of Alice: Chad the Bird


In anticipation of our opening weekend, we wanted to introduce the folks who are putting together Alice with a short n' sweet interview. Chad the Bird is up next! A little intro from the man (bird) himself: Chad the Bird is into pizza, Star Wars, and You! For 8 years, he has been the Avian Op-Ed columnist for Chicago's Finest Live Magazine THE PAPER MACHETE live from the historic Green Mill Lounge every Saturday at 3pm and still is (hopefully when you're reading this, if he isn't anymore it's probs cuz he was eaten by a shark, that's the only explanation). You can be a part of the Chadsperience by subscribing to his weekly podcast CHAD THE PODCAST on iTunes and get at him on Facebook and Instagram (ChadBurd) and Twitter (ChadtheBird)." 

-Would you rather grow as large as a house or shrink to the size of a mouse?

Wait, those are the options? That's it? That's some zero-sum game stuff for sure... no don't cut my mic, you need to hear this (loud noises) THE WORLD IS MORE COMPLICATED! NOTHING IS BLACK AND WHITE! BIG AND SMALL ARE RELATIVE! DON'T BELIEVE THE LIE! ... (panting) ... ummm, I guess "large as a house" so I wouldn't have to take the stairs ever again. Stairs are dumb, sorry for yelling. 

-What are you most looking forward to in this production of Alice?

The food. Evanston has some KICKIN places, like Edzo's, THAT'S a jam. Also the people, they're nice. 

-What character from Alice in Wonderland do you most identify with? 

The Cheshire Cat: He's the only one in Wonderland that's got his own thing goin and couldn't be bothered with taking sides. Also the white rabbit cuz he's always late for stuff. 

-Where is your Wonderland? 

That'd be a Star Wars-themed Pizza-Arcade that's also has a roller coaster, obv. 

Tickets for Alice are on sale now, visit for more info!