Why Alice? Why Now?

It was requested that I answer that question for the initial press release that went out a couple weeks ago. 
"Why are you remounting Alice?"
Well, first of all, I'm not sure it qualifies as a remount.  A remount would be basically the same show.  This Alice is all new and only the structure is remaining the same.  And, as we learned in 2004, the structure really works.  So why NOT remount it?
So, the answer is:
20% because I used the structure in 2004 and people really liked it and it worked.
20% because I wanted to start my own company and I wanted to launch it with something that I knew would generate buzz.  Alice is just weird enough and just wild enough to generate a lot of buzz while still being totally accessible to everyone.
20% because this is the 10th anniversary of the original production that I did for The Neo-Futurists in 2004 and even though that may only be significant to me, it is significant to me.
40% because what I learned from the first time I did Alice is that it inspires people to see the wonder in their ordinary surroundings and I think we can agree that we need to see more wonder in our every day lives right now. Amiright?

Do you have your tickets yet? 

Don't sit in the dark and wait to be entertained.  Be Alice.  Chase the rabbit!